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Appointment Information

New Clients, please use this to schedule an Introductory Phone Call before making an actual appointment.

Important Stuff:

The holiday season may result in a disruption of normal availability.  if you have trouble finding an appointment please call.


In-person sessions require COVID-19 vaccination.

Please don't come if you're sick with any illness, or have parasites such as bedbugs or lice.

Please don't come if you've been around someone who is ill, or has parasites such as bedbugs or lice.


About Teletherapy:

Teletherapy is on conducted on a HIPAA compliant platform that is web-based. It works on most popular devices, operating systems, and with most recent browsers without any apps or plugins. Despite this, I cannot guarantee it will work for you. You will receive instructions in your appointment confirmation email. Please follow them and place a "test call" a few days before your appointment.


There may be technical problems that are beyond my control, which may affect the quality or continuity of your session. If serious enough, these difficulties may require rescheduling your appointment.


There may be background noise from the envionment around me that I cannot control. It will not affect your privacy.

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