Appointment Information

If you are a new client, please call 585.358.0258 to confirm availability

before booking an appointment.

Read the following before booking an appointment (updated 7/22/22):

I am resuming in-person sessions effective July 24, 2022 for vaccinated clients only.

Please note that as a private entity I am able to set my own conditions for in-person attendance. I realize people have different views on COVID-19. I am trying my best to balance non-partisanship with protection of people's health.  I ask that clients refrain from trying to persuade me to change my mind, providing me "alternate viewpoints," asking me for special accommodations, or otherwise trying to avoid in-person session conditions. I may choose to discontinue in-person sessions or reschedule or cancel client appointments at any time at my discretion due to concerns over COVID-19. Scheduling an in-person session signifies your agreement to this and the other conditions on this page.

I get that having conditions for attendance aren't awesome. Staying open for in-person sessions means counting on everyone to be honest about using general best practices regarding COVID-19.  If I discover during the course of our sessions that you have violated any of these conditions or otherwise put myself or other clients at risk willfully, you will not be allowed to return to in-person sessions.

1) Clients that are not vaccinated are not elligible for in-person sessions.

2) If you are experiencing symptoms of any illness, including those that you might attribute to allergies, do not schedule an in-person appointment until you have been symptom free for 10 days.  Consider that people want to avoid illness in general in addition to COVID-19!

3) If you have traveled by air you must wait 10 days after your flight home before scheduling an in-person appointment.  Please be forthright about your travel; don't assume "it's not a big deal."​


4) If you have been in the presence of a person known to have COVID-19, you must wait 10 days before scheduling an in-person appointment. 

6) Teletherapy continues to be an option for those who can't accept these conditions, or don't want to wait for the delay periods named here to pass.

Regarding Teletherapy:


I have established a Teletherapy presence on a fully HIPAA compliant platform and will be offering this service to my clients. You can choose this as an option when booking your appointment. Access is possible from a Windows or Mac computer, or iOS and Android devices. There is no special software required, just a webcam, microphone, and web browser (a recent release of Edge, Chrome, Firefox, or Safari). You will receive instructions in your appointment confirmation email. Please understand that even under the best of circumstances, there may be technical problems with Teletherapy that are beyond my control, which may affect the quality or continuity of your session. If serious enough, these difficulties may require rescheduling your appointment.  You will not be charged for a replacement session.


Please understand that I may perform teletherapy sessions from my home.  While this will not affect your privacy or expose the content of our session, there may be occasional background noise from the environment.  I make every endeavor to minimize and insulate from this noise but it is not possible for me to ensure its complete elimination.