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Jason Maedl, LMFT

Welcome! Therapy is a journey that can help you be your best self, and I hope we can take it together.
It's important to connect with your therapist. This site is a great way to get a feel for how I think about and practice therapy. I hope you enjoy it and I look forward to knowing you.

Jason Maedl, LMFT

I received my Masters Degree in Marriage and Family Therapy from the University of Rochester School of Medicine and Dentistry.  It's been my honor to be let into people's lives and work with them to help make things better. The journey of someone's life is unique and adventurous. We've been our best selves many times along that path, which is something we often forget when we run into difficulty.  Rather than focusing on labeling those difficulties and getting  stuck on what's wrong, I believe the key to continued wellness lies in reading the stories of our lives in a better way.

Jason Maedl, LMFT

I think being down-to-earth and as lighthearted as possible about the institution of therapy helps to make it feel more accessible and fight any stigma attached to it. Therapy is serious and addresses difficult and often painful things, so the idea of participating in therapy can be intimidating for first timers and seasoned pros alike.  It's hard to be vulnerable! I want my clients to  look forward to coming to their sessions, especially when what we're working through is really tough. That can only happen with a lot of trust and respect. If we work together to create sensitive, thoughtful, and realistic goals, therapy can become a powerful part of your life of which you can be proud.

There's a lot to read on this site. OK, it's a whole lot, but choosing a therapist is hard. It's my hope that by reading some of it, you'll get a feel for me as a therapist and our connection can begin before we even meet. You can also call any time!

So... what's the deal with therapy?

What can you expect?

First, all sessions are confidential. See the Details Section for more information. In your first session, we'll review some information that relates to the logistics of being in therapy and your agreement to take part. You can download and review some of the documents before your session if you like, they're down in the Details Section too.

Why should you come to therapy?

You should come because you feel ready for something to be different. Usually, this means your difficulties are interfering with your ability to feel "normal" or satisfied in some area of your life, and you're having a tough time going it alone. Most commonly, the individuals I see in therapy have anxiety or depression at the root of their troubles. Of course, therapy can be helpful with all types of mental distress and I do see clients with a wide range of other conditions. While therapy can be brief, some people with severe or persistent challenges can be longtime participants. Some maintain therapy intermittently as a stabilizing presence.  In short, your course depends on your needs.

At the risk of sounding obvious, couples and families usually seek therapy because their ability to maintain healthy relationships with each other is faltering. Sometimes people have trouble seeing their role in distress and think only "the one with the problem" needs to work on things. Even in situations that seem obvious, there is almost always a systemic component that needs attention, not just one person. Even if some people don't end up coming, it's rarely a bad thing to add strength and perspective to one part of the system. Creating a space where equal sharing becomes realistic happens in stages. Once people start to feel safe, how they take part will evolve into a constructive environment.

Another reason individuals, couples, and families come to therapy is because of secrets. Secrets can be overwhelming and make life seem unbearable. We all have secrets; some are big and some not so much, but they all have the potential to trip us up. I don't think there's a single fit when it comes to secrets, because figuring out how to tell them, or even if they should be told at all, is highly personal. It's extra complicated if more than one person shares the same secret. I'm a fan of discussing the approach to secrets as early as possible, but it's also OK to roll with the punches.

The sessions after that will continue the process of discovery and learning what has worked best to achieve forward motion. Curiosity is key! The presenting problem can continue its way out the door as we uncover the ways we've moved toward change. There might be more homework.

If you feel you might harm yourself or another person, or if there is any other kind of safety risk, call 911 right away. Don't wait to see me!

Beyond that, everyone's experience is different, including my own! The focus of our first meeting will primarily be discovery. While I will certainly ask questions, I prefer to do most of the discovery of your life through listening and engaging in purposeful curiosity. I'm a pretty easygoing guy and I very much enjoy the therapeutic relationships I form with my clients; a strong one is at the core of our work together. Once we're speaking the same language, we can start to let the focus on the "presenting problem" (a fancy term for the reason you came to therapy) give way to your natural ability to be determined and successful. I like to wrap up by establishing a goal. We will also discuss how often you will come to therapy. You may or may not get "homework" - stuff for you to do between sessions. Don't worry, it's easy stuff if you put in the effort!

What's in a name? Why choose a Marriage and Family Therapist?

You may be surprised to know that although we have substantial training in working with couples and families, MFTs see a large number of individuals. We are trained to treat a wide range of the mental health spectrum and we do use some of the same techniques as other practitioners.  What makes an MFT special? A lot of attention to the context of your life. Our approach features a unique perspective, which in a nutshell is that no one exists in a vacuum. The world people construct is complex. We consider you as a part of the systems that make up your life and explore how you interact with them to reveal solutions. Your relationships and environment shape you, and we pay attention to that.

It's worth the read, I promise!

When does it end?

It ends when we're done! There is no right answer to this question. There's a lot of research that shows therapy is effective, but at the end of the day, only you know if it's been effective enough to end our journey together. Of course, I wouldn't be a good therapist if I didn't offer opinions on the matter. How you participate is the single most important factor in the success of therapy. We'll have ongoing discussions about progress and what it means to continue. Whether it be for the short term or for the long haul, we will keep working until things are good enough. 

The continuity of your care is important to me. I will never end our therapeutic relationship without your consent,  transferring you, or giving you information to find another therapist.

You're headed for a mobile experience. Be sure to check out the desktop site too!

Nuts and Bolts

Kinda important.


95 Allens Creek Road

Building 2, Suite 203

Rochester, NY 14618

This form is intended for general contact purposes, not for sensitive information. Secure, encrypted email is available after initial contact.

Thanks! Message sent.

Minor Children

It's my belief that a child's best chance for success in therapy does not include going things alone, and that real change requires family involvement.

I will only see minor children in the context of family therapy. I won't accept a minor child as a primary client, and I won't engage in treatment involving a minor child without the consistent, direct, and active participation of a parent, family member, or individual with appropriate legal status.

I believe being in therapy is a badge of honor, but I also recognize it's not always something that can be flaunted. To that end, you have the right to keep the fact that you are in therapy to yourself. As a function of that goal, I will not acknowledge my role as your therapist to anyone without your express consent. If more than one person comes to therapy each individual's privacy will be respected at the same level. We may need to discuss the handling of secrets to help navigate privacy between people in couple or family therapy.


Your privacy is of the utmost importance. All sessions are confidential and no information will be released, aside from the following  four exceptions:  1) You have given your express written consent for release of information. The scope of the release will be specific and determined by you. 2) If you present a risk to yourself or others I must take steps to get outside help. 3) If there is a suspicion of child abuse I am required by law to report it. 4) If I am compelled by a court order I may have to release information. In this case I will release the minimum amount of information required to comply.

The systems and methods I use are HIPAA compliant. You must do your part to prevent unauthorized or unintentional access to your information. Limit access to any system or device that may contain sensitive information. 

Mum's the Word

Appointments can be requested at any time up one month  in advance, via the online scheduling system or phone. Cancellations require 24 hour advance notice, or full session price may be charged.


New clients: please call before booking.

Services and Rates

$95 per hour

Financial hardship? Ask about a sliding fee scale.

I accept cash, checks, and the credit systems listed below. There is a $25 fee for returned checks. My services qualify as an HSA expenditure. I cannot accept insurance at this time but you may be able to submit an invoice to your carrier for reimbursement. Check with your insurer for details.

In-person and telethealth therapy services are available for individuals, couples, relationships of all flavors, and families. Basically, if you're in New York, you're in.

Any way you slice it.


Diversity Rocks! Commitment to Equality

The world is a rich tapestry and that complexity deserves respect. Therapy services are provided without regard to race, color, national origin,  religion, creed, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, age, disability, health status, relationship status, socioeconomic status, veteran status, or any other legally protected status.

Worth a Look

Documents that might come in handy. Filling out the Informed Consent and New Client forms before you come can save some time.

Informed Consent Form

Rights and Responsibilities

Information Release Form

Coordinate with Other Providers

Domestic Violence Resources

Help with Planning Safety

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