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Jason Maedl, LMFT
Therapy is a journey that can help you be your best self, and I hope we can take it together.

My Approach

This website offers a view into how I think about and practice therapy by providing answers to common questions about therapy. Check out the slideshow below for more. 


It's important to connect with your therapist. It's been my privilege to use that connection and be let into people's lives and help make things better. 

My Perspective

While I respect the serious nature of therapy, I believe being down-to-earth and lighthearted about the institution of therapy helps combat stigma. We've been our best selves many times along our life path, which is something we often forget when we run into difficulty. I believe the key to continued wellness lies in reading the stories of our lives in a better way. You've got the solution, let's unlock it!

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Services and Rates

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$95 per hour

Any way you slice it.

Diversity Rocks!

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